Man using personal fitness tech looking at smart phone.

Aging Well with Smart Tech!

We are baby boomers helping fellow baby boomers use Smart Tech to disrupt aging.

Smart Aging is changing the way we view aging. Smart Agers are using emerging tech to stave off normal age-related decline or to manage sneaky health issues that might creep in.

Futurepace Tech will bring you the latest scientific research in a de-jargonised form to help you understand how to upgrade your ‘operating system’.

You will get the facts on state-of-the-art devices and apps to quantify your health and fitness metrics. Add to that, lifestyle hacks and smart supplements which have been proven to generate age-defying energy levels.

At Futurepace Tech, we have been busily measuring biomarkers and experimenting with lifestyle hacks for quite a while. We promise to give you an inside view to our personal biohacking experiments. You will see the detailed case studies of our experiments to help you decide on your course of action.

Longevity is ours for the taking!  What will you do with your extra 30+ years?

Man using personal fitness tech looking at smart phone.

Is Smart Aging the best way to boost longevity?

Scientists describe aging as a decline in natural physical or cognitive function or resilience. It is this decline that leads to increased susceptibility to disease and death.

But to us…     

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Is Smart Home Tech the best solution for Smart Aging

Baby boomers are a pretty self-reliant lot. We want to age on our terms, and that means for most of us – actively, and independently. Generally, it means ‘aging in place’ in our own home, with the 

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Robyn Everingham

I’ve had a passion for technology all my life. I love to research, use and write about technology that positively impacts health and wellbeing as we age.

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