The Futurepace Tech Difference

We’ve been there!

As experienced ecommerce business owners, we really get that there is never enough time to do it all. There is always something demanding your time and some random event popping up to distract you from organising your processes. You also need to keep abreast of developments in technology but when do you do that?

You want someone who has been ‘in the ecommerce trenches’, has a proven track record of results and is up to date with BEST PRACTICE SEO. 

After all, you just want to attract new customers, sell more, look after the existing customers all with much less stress. That’s the bottom line.

We would like to help you see where your site may be stopping your desired success.

You’ll need a carefully structured program for creating more FREE traffic and reducing your need for increasingly expensive Pay Per Click advertising. You’ll want to organise your site for results on autopilot. 

This includes an audit of overall site design, site usability, SEO and other aspects of managing content effectiveness across all pages of your site against current (2020) SEO Best Practice.

You will develop a thorough understanding of your site’s objectives and your audiences’ needs.

 You will understand exactly which web pages are responsible for:

  • Raising the Awareness of your business
  • Establishing more Trust and Authority
  • Generating more Leads
  • Generating more sales
  • Increasing Customer Retention

You will see how to re-organise your site to attract new visitors and expertly guide them through your site’s sales funnel.

We help you by showing your visitor how your products and services uniquely solve their greatest needs.

We’ll help you focus on creating a successful user experience every time.

Count on us to address all aspects of managing web page content that works.

When you follow our 3-step program, every page of your site will include Benefit-Driven, Optimised messages that satisfy customers as well as search engines.

Expect effective results from us.

Ready to make your e-commerce business a big success?

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Robyn Everingham

Robyn is a Director of Futurepace Tech, a global company with offices in Australia and UK. She specialises in auditing e-commerce website content, analysing what’s not working, and implementing improvement programs. She specifically targets measurable results in leads, sales and customer retention for clients.

She brings a strong financial, accounting, analytical skill-set, an ability to cut through the fluff, to bring order and simplicity from chaos and confusion and a focus on bottom-line results.

As a qualified accountant, she spent 30+ years using those skills on financial systems implementation projects. Originally, working on banking systems, money market, foreign exchange and futures trading, she then moved to large company projects to implement Oracle Financials systems for companies in Australia and UK. Her expertise is in organising information to make it easier for people to engage with technology.

After retiring early, she became bored and together with her partner, Frank Paice, created a global e-commerce business selling sustainable sporting products. They made the decision to close that business recently and Robyn was keen to use her skills to help others in their e-commerce ventures. She is passionate about working with businesses selling products that are ‘Good for people, Good for the planet’

She is connected with and continues to study and work with leaders in the e-commerce and digital space to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing SEO space in order to add maximum value for clients.

She has a Master of Commerce degree, is a Certified Site Content Audit Specialist, a Certified SEO Copywriting Specialist, an NLP Master Practitioner, an NLP Master Trainer and a lifelong learner.

She is also a member of the Professional Writers Alliance.

Robyn & Frank split their time between Australia, USA, UK and Europe each year so is happy to see clients personally in these locations as well as working remotely.

Please reach out to set up a FREE, no-pressure time for us to talk.