Meet The Team

Robyn Everingham

I’ve had a passion for technology all my life. I love to research, use and write about technology that has an impact on health and lifestyle as we age

Hi! My name’s Robyn and I’m a Tracker!

I have always been a tracker. From the first day I attended a Weight Watchers meeting about 40 years ago. I got my first fresh tracker book in my hot little hands, and I have been addicted ever since.

It’s no wonder I became an accountant. Spreadsheets have been a way of life for me forever. Everything in my life is represented on a spreadsheet.

About 20 years ago, I started tracking my bi-annual blood tests on a spreadsheet. I was looking for patterns in what I was doing for my health. I always had a problem with a low White Cell count and was determined to take action to improve it so tried lots of different strategies. However, I would have to wait for 6 months to see if what I did had any impact on my numbers. Waiting months for results was the most frustrating part of tracking my health. I wanted instant feedback!

I let go of this blood test frustration and turned my attention to exercise tracking. I bought my first FitBit and was off and running – well walking actually – 10,000 steps a day. Addicted!

A few years ago, after seeing the kids and grandkids with Apple watches, I upgraded to the only Apple product I didn’t already have. I haven’t looked back.

A near perfect record of activity tracking; over 400-day streak but could have been over 500 except for the 2 days that I didn’t close all my rings. I was on a 7-day meditation retreat busily meditating for 4-hour stretches! Unfortunately, those 2 days spanned the last day of one month and the first day of a new month, so it spoilt my monthly figures as well. Grrr! Certainly needed the meditation retreat, didn’t I!!

However, in true tracker style, I promised myself: It will never happen again!

So, when I accidently dropped Apple Watch #1 onto the tiled floor and smashed the screen, I was gutted.

I visited the Apple store. No problem, we can send it away and Apple will replace it in a few days. Nooo! The Apple guy didn’t understand. He said ‘It’s OK. All your data will come through to the new watch.’

‘But I will lose my streak!!!’

I walked out of the store with the old watch and a newly purchased next model Apple Watch instead of a replacement. Streak intact!

Then I discovered the mother of all health tracking – Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Talk about instant feedback!

So, a five-minute reading was added to my morning schedule and I haven’t missed a day. I am now sitting at a streak of 750+ days.

Maybe only fellow trackers understand this feat!

I am committed to my ‘Project 100+’ year goal. I have more projects than even this time will allow so age defying Health and Fitness is the only path.

Love to have you on board for the journey.