Our Story

Who runs Futurepace Tech?

Hello! My name is Robyn and I pretty much run the show here at Futurepace Tech with the help of my long-time business partner Mr P.

Why start Futurepace Tech?

In 2013 after retiring from corporate careers, we got bored and decided to start an Amazon business selling Stainless Steel Insulated Water bottles for a few reasons.

  • We were passionate about reducing single use plastics
  • We wanted to maintain our tech skills after retirement from our corporate lives
  • We wanted a business that allowed us to hike the world!

The business was extremely successful. We set up companies in USA, UK and Europe and Australia.

We loved the impact that Stainless Steel bottles were having on the bottomless pit of plastic. In that time, we saw many projects to ban single use plastic bottles in government offices, businesses as well as National Parks.

We especially loved the ability to take the business with us as we travelled the globe, exploring and hiking.

In 2019 we decided to wind down and look for other projects, albeit with a set of e-commerce skills under our belt.

The 2020 Pivot

2020 arrives. We arrive back into the country after 6 months in UK and Europe just before the pandemic hits, grateful for the fact that we didn’t have to undo any 2020 travel bookings.

I settle back into a quiet life and French classes with Beryl.

Beryl with Robyn
Beryl with Robyn

Let me tell you about Beryl.

At 94 Beryl is tiny, stylishly put together, with the smile of someone who loves life. She has been teaching French for 25 of her retirement years even though she has only had a couple of trips to France in her life.

She also helps at her church and local school.

Amazing as that is, she is also legally blind, lives on her own and moves around the community without a cane or any other indication she is nearly blind.

So grateful to have her to myself for my 2-hour weekly class. She has a huge magnifying glass, feels her way to the board to write lessons and extracts correct pronunciations from me until I am exhausted. I feel like I am back in primary school. I love her!

It slips that her birthday is coming up, but she doesn’t celebrate birthdays. Her twin brother died just before their 56th birthday and was laid to rest on their birthday and she hasn’t celebrated since.

I decide ‘Not on my watch!’

With pastries from our local patisserie and a Bon Anniversaire card, I arrive for class and she is delighted. We have a lovely morning tea and a quick photo to celebrate her 95th birthday in 2 days.

Next day, a single phone call shatters everything!

As Beryl walked to work to teach French that morning, a day short of 95 years, she crossed the busy road, the same one she crossed every day, and was hit by a car and killed.

Nooooo! I only had 6 weeks to experience your indomitable spirit.

My gratitude extends far beyond French pronunciations.

You demonstrated ‘Living your Best Life’ rather than ‘Living the Good Life’ par excellence.

Au Revoir Beryl.

Our Guiding Principles thanks to Beryl…

Principle 1:- Don’t take anything for granted

  • 2020 is teaching us it is that nothing is certain.
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Principle 2:- Every Damn Day Counts

  • Don’t waste it, it could be the last.
  • Find someone or something to be grateful for

Principle 3:- Learn to ‘Live a Best Life’ rather than ‘A Good Life’

  • Figure out what’s really important and
  • Just do it!

Where to from Here…

As the pandemic hits, our retirement investment portfolio contracts Coronavirus. Do we resist or adapt?

We choose to adapt. We choose Optimism. We choose to look to the future. We will get through this together.

As Futurepace Tech, we will combine our passion for technology with a passion for health and wellness to help people like us to build the resilience to see this year out and prepare for the digital economy ahead.

We are looking for our tribe, a community of people who see themselves at 100 – fit, healthy and still making a difference in the world. Why don’t you join us today?

Do or do not. There is no try

– Yoda