Press Release

27 Mar 2014 5:17 PMLicensee Person
Press Release

Futurepace Tech Announces Their Best Insulated Water Bottle Now Comes In New Colors

Robyn Everingham, spokesperson for the company Futurepace Tech LLC, has announced that their best stainless steel insulated water bottle is now available in a new range of colors. Robyn added that with these new colors come the same great qualities.

The company stated that in addition to the original Charcoal Stainless Steel insulated bottle in a white gift box, customers now have the option to buy a Brushed Stainless Steel insulated bottle with Light Grey gift box or White Stainless Steel insulated bottle with Charcoal gift box. Each bottle holds 20 ounces of fluids, which equates to 600 ml, and should make the perfect gift for Father's Day.

Futurepace Tech LLC designed their stainless steel insulated sports water bottle to be filled with hot or cold liquids, and even suggest that customers fill the bottle up with ice and then top it with water or any other type of cold beverage. They stated that the double wall insulation that is built into the bottles is perfect to keep herbal tea, hot chocolate or any other type of hot beverages protected throughout the day. One customer wrote the following review on Amazon:

"This is a great water bottle! It stays cold for the length of my hikes and I live in AZ, so having cold water at the end of a hike is a must. I also like how the bottle doesn't get cold or sweaty, it makes it really easy to carry around. I would definitely recommend purchasing one."

The company stated that besides being easy to carry, their insulated sports water bottles are also leak and spill proof. The water bottle can slide easily into most car cup holders, and is also designed to be carried on a bike rack or hiking backpack. Robyn said that customers will also appreciate the opening size of the bottle, which makes it comfortable to drink from.

Futurepace Tech LLC said that when they designed their insulated sports water bottle, they wanted their customers to get the best experience, and one way in which they achieve this was by implementing durable food grade stainless steel inside and outside the bottle. This ensures that customers don't experience any metallic aftertaste. The bottle also contains a BPA free lid, and there is also no plastic lining, so there is no risk of toxins getting into the fluid. The company wrote the following statement:

"Customers are our business. As an Amazon Seller, we take great pride in our after sales follow up and commitment to Customer Care. We interact with our customers in a number of ways to build ongoing strong and beneficial relationships."

The company encourages all interested parties to go to their Amazon storefront and see what people are saying about their latest product. Futurepace Tech says they are committed to innovation, sustainability and making shopping simple and exciting for their customers. They added that any customer who is not fully satisfied with their purchase will be able to receive a full 100% money back guarantee. For those who are interested in buying their stainless steel insulated sports water bottle, please click here.