SEO Content Audit

Not satisfied with your eCommerce website performance?

What's Not Working?

We can help you uncover hidden opportunities, like magic…

Want to get ahead of the competition in search rankings?

Let us help you identify solutions and formulate your SEO Content Strategy.

Completing SEO Content Audit document Want to know how to attract visitors and

  • keep them engaged,
  • keep them buying and
  • keep them satisfied as customers?

It’s simple when we uncover the opportunities!

SEO Content Audit 35-point Checklist!

To analyse your content against current SEO Best Practices, there are five (5) key areas we look at:

Is your site Customer-Focused? Does the site, specifically, the Home Page, speak to individual visitors? Does it grab their attention, tell them clearly ‘Who you are’ and ‘What you do’ within 8 seconds. 

  • Is it Competitive? Does it quickly differentiate your business from your competitors?
  • Is it Clear? How many sites do you visit and can’t figure out what they do or how to navigate around? Do you hang around or do you head to the next choice on the search page? 
  • Is it Conversion-Optimised? Do you know how to use keywords effectively to improve your Google search ranking? It’s not what you think! It’s actually easier.
  • Is it Consistent? Do the pages speak with one voice? Or is there a hodgepodge of styles, colours, fonts? In addition, we will identify any Brick Walls or Speedbumps on the technical side that may be preventing visitors from getting to your site and engaging with your content. You will be able to discuss any of these findings with your technical guru for speedy fixes.

Your comprehensive report ‘What’s working’ and ‘Opportunities for Refinement’

You will receive a substantial written report covering your specific strengths as well as opportunities for refinement. This report will include screen-shots indicating:

  • ‘What’s working’ based on your five main pages
  • What’s lacking’ and ‘What can be improved’.
  • Your ranking in search engines for main keywords
  • How your pages appear in search results and
  • Where you are, in relation to competitors, providing clues to enable your products and services to stand out!

SEO Content audit. search engine optimisation

This opens the door to ways to get your products and services to stand out!

You decide how you want to proceed with the content recommendations we provide.

An SEO Content Audit could be the key to unlocking greater sales in your e-business.

Contact us for a free initial consultation.

A customized SEO Content Strategy to Boost Leads, Sales, Conversions and Retentions​

We’ll review the report together with you and discuss: 

  • Critical fixes required based on any technical Roadblocks or Speedbumps
  • Quick wins you can implement immediately
  • Long-term SEO Content Strategy to improve your results across all pages 

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