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There’s Copywriting and then there’s PERSUASIVE Copywriting!

Boost your response rate with copy that sells!

Good SEO Copywriting sits on a foundation of Persuasive Writing!

You can count on us to follow proven ‘Best Practice Copywriting Strategies’

  • Study the hell out of your customer. Put yourself in their shoes. Understand their pain points and what triggers them.
  • Craft your key message with a Big Idea — a big, compelling concept that explains why you have the BEST solution to their needs
  • Set your products/services apart from the competition, so prospects feel they’ve finally found the best, most valuable answer for themselves
  • Cleverly help your prospects picture the benefits of your products and services… so they can see themselves in a confident state after using them
  • Focus on resonating with their emotional problems – remember, your product or service is designed to help people solve problems
  • Provide enough factual proof to satisfy the prospect’s analytical mind —backing up your promises and benefit claims with statistics, testimonials, study results, before/after stories, etc
  • Create offers your prospects can’t resist – free reports, guides, demos, and other premiums that motivate prospects to begin a relationship with your company
  • Create structure that breaks up the messages in super-effective ways - bullets, sub-headings, call-outs, photo captions, and more, following best practice methods
  • Talk in your natural voice, to your prospects - speak one-on-one to the potential buyer in ways that resonate (no corporate-speak)
  • Make it easy to do business with you, with clear, bold direction on how to order now, download, sign up, try for free, and so forth, depending on your campaign goal
  • Drive responses with strong calls-to-action that remind prospects of the benefits they’re about to enjoy
  • Craft compelling headlines - Bust through with an attention-grabbing headline – a strong, promise that instantly captures attention and says “You’ve found the right solution!” keep reading!

Add SEO Conversion Strategies:  

  • Pinpoint the key-phrases people are currently using to find your business
  • Find your best page/article ideas
  • Blend keywords with persuasive, solution-oriented and conversion-focused text throughout the site
  • Review Google’s winning listings for a keyword to position your article better
  • Confidently chose the best word count for Google and your readers
  • Make your content Google Friendly
  • Create pages that position in the top 10
  • Understand and take advantage of Snippets

Make your copy Voice Search friendly:

  • Written in a conversational style – like you would talk
  • Answers common questions – some pages may benefit from a FAQ type approach
  • Uses trigger words – most common voice search terms – how, what, best

As effective copywriters we apply these strategies to write your essential materials…

  • Static Pages
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Comparison Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Email Newsletters

SEO Copywriter using keyboard

FUN and EFFECTIVE! That’s what you can expect when you work with us. Now what types of content do you need?

Your competitors are probably using these strategies right now to reach your prospects – let’s get going!

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